Male student standing outside of the classroom.

Career Services

Finding a new career should be an exciting process, full of possibilities and opportunities to turn dreams into reality. That’s why at Florida Academy we do our best to facilitate that process, assisting our students every step of the way. From our quality education to our well-prepared Career Services Department, we are ready to help you when it’s time to launch your new career.

At Florida Academy, we offer lifetime career placement assistance to students and graduates. Our Career Services representatives work one-on-one with students to help them develop stand-out resumes, successfully prepare for interviews, and much more. In addition, our students benefit from our long-standing partnerships with local employers. We’ll help you network and be notified immediately of new career opportunities.

While we cannot guarantee that students will find employment upon their graduation, we make sure to provide all the tools necessary in order for students to achieve success. From a well-rounded education to Career Services assistance, you can count on us!

Our school also provides services for employers who want to hire Florida Academy’s students. This partnership is helpful for both employers and students. We publicize job openings, help companies with candidate searches, and open on-campus job listings.

Florida Academy also holds regular Job Fairs on campus. These Job Fairs are extremely popular and present an opportunity for employers to talk with current students and graduates generating good leads and network connections. These events often result in capacity crowds, with many employers being placed on a “waiting list” to attend the next Florida Academy Job Fair. For this reason, our Job Fairs are a great opportunity for students and employers.

As an added benefit to our graduates, Florida Academy maintains a proprietary list of jobs that are currently in demand, with the employer’s name and contact information.

As you can see, Florida Academy is committed to providing its students with a complete educational experience. We assist students from their first contact with the school during the admissions process, help them find the best program, and then provide them guidance when starting their careers.

At Florida Academy, we will give you all the tools you need to launch a successful career in the field you choose.