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Navigating the Beauty & Wellness Job Market After Graduation

Graduating from a beauty and wellness program is a great milestone, but it’s just the beginning of your journey into the vibrant and dynamic job market. As you transition from the classroom to your career, it’s essential to navigate the beauty and wellness job market strategically to maximize your opportunities for success. Whether…(Read More)


As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s the perfect time to indulge in a self-love ritual that goes beyond chocolates and flowers. Your skin, the canvas of your beauty, deserves some extra attention. Whether you’re spending the day with a special someone or treating yourself, a radiant complexion will leave you feeling confident…(Read More)

healthy nails

Now more than ever is a great time to revamp your self-care routine, starting with your nails. Healthy nails not only enhance our appearance but are also indicative of our overall well-being. In this blog post, we’ll explore three transformative nail tips to adopt in the coming year, promising not just aesthetics…(Read More)

2024 Skincare Tips

Welcome to a new year filled with opportunities to elevate your skincare routine! As we step into 2024, the beauty and skincare landscape continue to evolve, offering new ways for achieving that coveted radiant glow. In this blog post, we unveil seven skincare tips that are worth incorporating into your daily routine to promote healthy…(Read More)

trending products of curly hair

In the world of beauty and wellness, the embrace of natural hair textures has become a powerful movement. For those with curly and wavy hair, finding the right products is key to maintaining and enhancing those gorgeous locks. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the latest trends for curly and wavy hair. Whether…(Read More)

Face Sculpting Tools

Face sculpting tools have gained significant popularity in recent years. These devices (some with ancient origins and some high-tech) promise to help you achieve a more sculpted and defined facial structure without the need for invasive procedures. But the question remains: do these tools really work? Face sculpting tools come in various forms, with…(Read More)

Gel Dip Nails

There are many options to choose from to keep your nails looking fabulous. Two popular choices are gel polish and dip powder. Both techniques offer lovely, long-lasting results and have their distinct benefits. Let’s explore the advantages of the gel and dip powder methods and how they can help you achieve healthier and…(Read More)

Skin Care

If you’re considering a career in the booming skincare industry, there are some important things to know. Skin care can be an exciting field, but you want to make sure you are prepared to enter this competitive market. Here’s some information to help you decide if a career in skin care is right…(Read More)

Hard Wax or Soft Wax: What's the difference?

Waxing is a safe and efficient way to remove unwanted body hair. It removes the hair by the root, which makes the area smoother for longer compared to shaving. There are two types of wax available for hair removal, hard wax and soft wax, but what’s the difference? What are the pros and cons…(Read More)

Hair Extensions 101

Hair extensions are a great way to transform your look. You can go from a bob in the morning to long, voluminous hair at night. Whether you just want to go glam for a special occasion, or make extensions part of your everyday life, there are a lot of options to choose from. Let’s…(Read More)

Florida Academy

Whether you dream of creating your own brand of beauty products or want to work as a beauty brand representative, social media is the place to be. First, be sure to get the training you need to gain the skills and knowledge to help you understand the beauty space – such as through the cosmetology…(Read More)


Cosmetology is a broad category including services that target the hair, skin, and nails. Cosmetologists help clients have confidence in the way they look by providing professional beauty services. The barbering, hairstyling, and cosmetology field is projected to have a 19% growth rate between 2020 and 2030. So if you have any interest in pursuing…(Read More)


Do you value flexibility, creativity, variety, a competitive salary, and career advancement opportunities in your career? If you answered yes to any of those options, a career in cosmetology might be a perfect fit. Keep reading to learn more about what it looks like to have a career in cosmetology and the benefits you’ll…(Read More)


Whether your hairdresser trimmed your hair a little too short or you want to try a fun updo for the holidays, hair extensions can give you the extra length you need for as long as you need it. Keep reading to learn more about hair extensions, their benefits, and how to apply them to your…(Read More)


If it’s your lifelong dream to pursue a career in cosmetology, skin care, nail technology, or massage therapy, apply to one of the accredited beauty and wellness training programs at Florida Academy. About the Beauty & Wellness Field The beauty and wellness field is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country with…(Read More)


Want to ensure your hair and skin looks and feels healthy all summer long? Abide by our list of summer beauty tips for the results you want. 8 Summer Beauty Tips for an Attractive Look Follow these eight summer skincare and haircare tips for an attractive look that will last all season. UV Care For…(Read More)


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work as a professional barber? It all starts with finding the right barbering training program to acquire the skills you’ll need for success in the field. Most Common FAQs About Barbering Training Programs Take a look at the top five barbering program FAQs people…(Read More)


Cosmetology is the study and practice of administering various beauty treatments. Cosmetologists are tasked with helping clients look and feel their best through services such as hair styling, nail art, and facial treatments. Want to know if attending a cosmetology school is the next step in your career? If you value creativity, job flexibility, and…(Read More)


As temperatures continue rising, people are spending more time outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. With this shift comes increased sun exposure. Whether hiking or laying on the beach, shielding your skin from the sun is an essential component of any healthy skincare routine. Check out our guide below to learn what you can do…(Read More)


When your nails look good, nothing can stop you. The best way to keep your nails looking fresh is to keep them healthy. Keep reading to learn five simple tips and tricks for maintaining nail health. Why Nail Care Is Essential Whether you get a manicure every month or sport a bare nail look, you…(Read More)


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work as a nail technician? Is it your lifelong dream to give clients radiant complexions with specialized skincare treatments? If so, a career working as an esthetician is a great option for you. As an esthetician, you’d help clients look and feel their best…(Read More)


New year, new hairstyle trends. Since it can be hard to stay up-to-date on the latest beauty trends, we’ve put together a helpful guide for the most common hairstyles and haircut trends you can expect to see in 2022. Everything You Need To Know About Haircut Trends Maybe you need new haircut…(Read More)


There’s something about a new haircut or hairstyle that makes you feel like a million bucks. Whether you need a trim to keep your ends healthy or want a dramatic new look, take the time to determine which look will best complement your features and personal style. If you’re struggling to settle on…(Read More)


If you’re looking for a flexible career that offers diverse job functions, a career in the beauty and wellness industry may be a great fit for you. From cosmetology to esthetics to massage therapy, the beauty and wellness industry has promising career opportunities for people in every career stage and from all walks of…(Read More)


Seasonal coffee, comfy sweaters, colorful leaves—we love everything about fall. Well, except for the frigid temps that dry out our skin. If you’re like most people, the change of weather causes your otherwise hydrated skin to dry out and you can’t help but scratch. Not cute. In lieu of rubbing your skin…(Read More)


Meet Christine, a Florida local who has been a successful aesthetician for the past 18 years—all thanks to Florida Academy. This Skin Care alumni got her start in one of Florida’s leading beauty schools. From Corporate Life to Skin Care Career “I’ve had almost 20 years—18 years since I graduated—of…(Read More)

Hair Straightening Ideas

The winter months can make hair brittle and dry. This winter, take on the colder weather with a couple of hair-strengthening tips in your arsenal—you’ll be glad you did. Nourished, glossy hair can be yours all season long! Read on to learn more about DIY hair strengthening tips and tricks, including what…(Read More)


Got the barbering skills, but not the clients? Don’t worry—we got you. Read on to find out all about building barber clientele, including tips and tricks to get a returning customer base and the best barbering program out there. All About the Barbering Business Ever think about the barbering industry as ancient? It…(Read More)


Self-care and relaxation take many different forms, from getting a facial to having an exercise routine. Perhaps one of the most popular relaxation techniques is a therapeutic massage. Massages have been used to help our bodies feel their best for thousands of years. Hot stone massages in particular have been gaining popularity in the…(Read More)


Before trying those expensive facials and pricey serums, read this. Skin damage occurs quite frequently. Exposure to the sun, frequent face washing, smoking, and poor diet can all cause your skin barrier harm. But we’re here to help. Even if you’ve experienced any of these skin-damaging experiences, you can still repair damaged…(Read More)


Amid the countless skin care serums and cleansing formulas, it’s hard to find something that actually works for your skin. But there’s a possible solution: facials. Facials can take skin from dull to glowing in as little as half an hour and help rejuvenate your skin—no matter the skin type you have…(Read More)


Ever thought of becoming a barber? You might want to consider it. A billion-dollar industry that’s been around for thousands of years—that’s the barber industry. Along with its impressive ancient roots and many lucrative opportunities, barbering offers a profession with ample benefits and many open doors. From being your own boss…(Read More)


Summer is right around the corner—are you ready? Summertime means margaritas by the pool, days spent in the sun, and fun trips. But there’s also another aspect of summer to consider: your skin care routine. Summertime heat can seriously dry out the skin. That’s why it’s important to modify your skin…(Read More)


A resume can stand in the way of landing your dream cosmetologist job. You might have the right skills, but if your resume can’t showcase that, chances are you won’t get the job. That’s why having a good resume is important in the cosmetology industry: you need to properly show employers that…(Read More)


The best-looking nails are strong, healthy nails. But from nail-biting to ripping off leftover polish, there are many things that can damage nail beds. Help combat the effects of bad habits by learning how to take care of nails. Good fingernail care starts here. Read on to find out everything you need to…(Read More)


Whether you’re going for a glam look or a natural, dewy look, the right beauty products make all the difference. Building the perfect makeup collection might seem overwhelming, but knowing the basic products you need can help get you started. From primer to highlighter, each makeup product adds a special touch to any makeup…(Read More)


10 Beauty Care Tips To build your confidence from within and feel your best, Florida Academy has put together a list of our favorite beauty tips for face, skin, and overall health. Wash Your Face It’s mentioned often with skincare tips because it’s a staple: wash your face. Depending on your skin type…(Read More)


Cut out these self-care blunders to improve skin appearance A Look at 2022 Skincare 2020 was all about making skincare synonymous with self-care. A great skincare routine can improve skin dullness, dryness, dark spots, fatigue, and more! Following a tried-and-true beauty routine is a great way to feel fresh and confident…(Read More)


Trend Alert! Natural-Looking Makeup is Still In You’ve noticed the 90s fashion revival become a Y2K rebirth, haven’t you? A-list celebrities and Tik Tok influencers alike are sporting skater pants, oversized sneakers, crop tops, and lots of accessories. Think hoop earrings, layered necklaces, chains, tiny purses and sunglasses, and even bandanas…(Read More)


Florida Academy recognizes that not all hair types are the same. The wide range of diversity in hair type, texture, and thickness means that you need to listen to your head of hair to help it shine and grow healthy. Here’s our list of hair care tips to give yourself some much-deserved hair…(Read More)


10 Inspo Ideas for Fall Nail Colors and Designs To most people, fall feels like colorful leaves, thick knit blankets, and a warm cup of cocoa. To nail technicians and manicure and pedicure enthusiasts, it’s the chance for you to experiment with warm and rich autumn hues and the latest nail trends to keep…(Read More)


Anti-Aging Beauty Tips There’s a lot of ways to go about getting a youthful appearance and younger looking skin. Taking a little extra time to treat your skin and hair with the appreciation they deserve will get you not only looking younger but maybe even feeling that way too. Read on to discover…(Read More)


Trends in the U.S. Salon Industry By the end of 2020, IBISWorld expects the salon industry to reach $47 billion in revenue. Products and treatments involving your nails, hair, and skin are growing in popularity because the practice of “self-care” strongly resonates with people. Nowadays, pampering yourself with brand new salon manicures or…(Read More)


Shea Harper always knew she was passionate about skincare but wasn’t sure if that’s what she wanted to pursue as a career. But, after talking to admissions and the people at Florida Academy, Shea knew this is what she wanted to do! “I chose Florida Academy because the teachers, educators and faculty here…(Read More)


Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so it’s important to take good care of it. You can maintain healthy and younger-looking skin with these dermatologist skincare tips. Even if you already have signs of prematurely aging skin, it is never too late to benefit from making changes to improve your skin…(Read More)


Finding the right makeup foundation is an important first step to creating a beautiful face. Foundation is the base for the rest of your makeup. Foundation can bring confidence by evening out skin color, minimizing pores, and giving the appearance of a fresh, flawless face. Your True Makeup Color Match The first thing you need…(Read More)


Face it, you can become your own glam squad of one with these ten easy steps! A Perfect Makeup look tutorial. READY Whether you are a true makeup newbie, or just need to brush up on your makeup techniques, here’s your beauty school how-to guide for the perfect makeup look. We go from…(Read More)


When people think of recession-proof businesses and industries, some of the things that come to mind first include the grocery and IT sectors. Everyone has to buy food and they need to communicate, but there’s also an inherent drive that surfaces when they’re feeling down. Evidence suggests that no matter the circumstances…(Read More)


From special occasions to everyday life, your hair is the highlight of your look. You can change the color and cut as often as you like but there’s more to beautiful hair than a great style. It’s just as important that you care for your tresses on a regular basis in order to…(Read More)


You take care of your heart, your lungs and your kidneys to keep them healthy. So doesn’t it make sense to do the same for the largest and fastest-growing organ in your body—your skin? It helps you by covering and protecting you all day, every day. Help your skin by establishing good…(Read More)


Meet Angela Artiles! – Cosmetology Graduate at Florida Academy. After going to college for two years, she realized she wasn’t pursuing her true passion and what she truly loved to do. Since then, she attended Florida Academy and graduated from the Cosmetology program in 2019. Through FA’s cosmetology program, students receive hands-on training…(Read More)

CosmetologyAlumniSpotlight - FloridaAcademy

Kristen Edman is a Florida Academy alumni. She graduated from the Cosmetology program in 2018. At Florida Academy, you will be able to complete the program in 10 months through day or evening classes! As a student in our cosmetology program, you will learn from Southwest Florida’s top beauty professionals who bring years of…(Read More)


Ah, the winter holiday season! Now is the time to start thinking about which beauty trends for the holiday season that will make you your most glamorous. With all of those parties and gatherings, you may even want to try a different special look for each one you attend. This year’s top holiday makeup…(Read More)

Massage Therapy FAQs

Have you thought about getting a massage to help you recover from an injury or to just relax? If you’ve never had one, you probably have some questions. Here are a few common Massage Therapy FAQs for those who are new to massage therapy. What are the benefits of massage therapy? The touch of…(Read More)

Massage Therapy for Back Pain

Have you ever wrenched your back by picking up something the “wrong” way, or have you slept the “wrong” way? The pain can be terrible. It’s perhaps only when something like this happens that we realize how important spine health is. All we want is pain relief, because when you “throw your back out…(Read More)

Massage Therapy Relaxation

A simple shoulder massage from your partner, who may have no professional training, makes you feel good. This caring touch signals a relaxation response, causing your heart and breathing rates to slow, blood flow to increase, blood pressure to reduce, stress hormones to decrease and muscles to relax. In some cases, massage may be just…(Read More)

Massage Therapy Career Facts

For people suffering from stress, injury and pain, massage practitioners can sometimes seem like miracle workers – if they’re good at their jobs. Their hands can knead the knots out of soft tissue, help muscles recover after injury or overuse, relax the body, relieve stress and put their clients into a state of near euphoria…(Read More)

Science Behind Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can be a natural way to help remedy back pain, reduce stress, provide relief and relaxation, and contribute to overall wellness. It is also used in pain management for cancer patients and in sports medicine. Although it is not a “medical” panacea, there is science behind massage therapy and its uses. What is…(Read More)

Nail Technician Secret

In 2018, Americans spent $8.36 billion on nail salon services. You may be one of the regular customers who has contributed to that number by frequently visiting a nail technician for a manicure and/or pedicure. You may think of it as a relaxing indulgence or luxury, or you may make it part of…(Read More)


Let your creativity soar with a career as a professional nail technician, a career that is expected to grow 13 percent by 2026 – much faster than average for other jobs. Florida’s employment of nail technicians is among the highest in the country, proving it’s an in-demand job with a bright future. If…(Read More)


Before you even think about applying your eye make-up, you need to gather your tools of the trade: an assortment of brushes, primer, concealer, shadows, mascara, eyebrow gel and eyeliners. With tools assembled and a few techniques, you should be able to give yourself the look you desire. There’s still one more thing…(Read More)

Summertime in Florida can melt your face off, literally. Whether you’re basking on the sprawling beaches or hanging out in the city with your friends, the humidity can take your makeup right off. But the problem can be avoided, right? Oftentimes, you’ll hear the typical careless advice “just don’t wear any” — but…(Read More)

Vitamin for Skin Care - FloridaAcademy

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in the human body? In an average adult, it weighs about eight pounds and takes up 22 square feet of space. Taking care of it and following a skincare routine that includes vitamin applications is important. But what specifically should you do? Most people have…(Read More)

Natural Makeup Tips by Florida Academy

Having a fresh, glowing appearance is a plus of a natural make-up look – one that really makes you look as if you’re wearing no make-up. If youth is not necessarily on your side, you can enhance your appearance and give yourself a natural finish. It takes a little effort until you get…(Read More)

2019 Hairstyles - Florida Academy

Nothing says a new year and new you like a change in your hairstyle or hair color. In 2019, you may choose to go with the cut or style of your favorite celebrity, or pick a style that everyday people seem to like. The possibilities are limitless, but here are some trends in hairstyles, color…(Read More)

Teen Skin Care

For decades, teens have been subject to unhelpful and misleading advice about how to treat acne. They are told their skin would clear up if they washed their faces more often and cut down on junk food. The truth is, however, that teen acne is caused not by a poor diet or hygiene, but by…(Read More)

Hair Treatment

Is your hair looking a little dry or damaged? While professional salon hair treatments are extremely nourishing and rejuvenating for hair of all types, they can be expensive to receive often. Fortunately, you can create your own DIY hair masks using healthy ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. Here are the top five…(Read More)

Fall Makeup DIY Tutorial 2018 Florida Academy

As summer starts to fade, now is the perfect time to take stock of your makeup and discover fall’s makeup trends. Makeup trends for fall 2018 take their cue from the fashions and designs introduced during the renowned New York Fashion Week, held twice a year in February and September. The good news is…(Read More)


Take the first steps toward your future! Florida Academy offers professional career education programs in beauty & wellness and trade & industrial. Learn hands-on from instructors who are all industry experts and be ready to begin your career in just one year. Once you graduate, Florida Academy’s Career Services representatives are committed to…(Read More)

Massage Therapy Program Florida

After studying finance in college and doing a few internships, Myra Adu-Sarkodie knew it wasn’t the field for her. She did a considerable amount of research to see what she was best suited for. One field came up repeatedly: massage therapy. Check out our Massage Therapy Alumni Spotlight below. She pondered the possibilities…(Read More)

Massage Therapy Program Florida

“Work” is not a word Eliane Oramas would use to describe her job as a massage instructor at Florida Academy. For her, teaching massage therapy program is her passion. A beauty school graduate who went back to study massage therapy at the age of 30, Oramas says it changed her life. “I never felt that…(Read More)


Best Career School in Southwest Florida Florida Academy was voted best career of Southwest Florida! One of the top career school in Florida. Find out about our trade programs and get career training in less than a year! Located in Fort Myers, Florida Academy offers professional trade programs in beauty and wellness as well as…(Read More)


Lauriel Bowen, who graduated from Florida Academy’s massage therapy program last summer (our massage therapy alumni), is anxious to put her massage training and techniques to use. Licensed in Virginia as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Bowen is waiting for the Florida Board of Massage to receive that…(Read More)

People have been using face masks as part of their skin care regimen for millennia. Cleopatra was said to have used clay, dead sea mud and egg whites as facial masks in ancient Egypt, and other cultures followed with natural facial and skin care practices. Regardless of the ingredients used, all recognized the importance of…(Read More)


Congrats! You’ve passed your state cosmetology boards and have landed a position as a stylist in a salon. You’ve set up your station, but the only one sitting in your chair is you. How do you build up your clientele and get them in your chair? Get social Of course, talking about what…(Read More)

Massage Therapy

Stress, the body’s “fight or flight” mechanism, is supposed to be a shield to protect the body from danger. When it occurs in the short term – such as making a presentation to work colleagues or spilling coffee on your white shirt – there is an end in sight. Sometimes, though, stress relief doesn’t come…(Read More)


Skin care specialists have many different tasks to perform. One major task is giving the perfect facial. But how does one know the difference between facials, and which is best for their client? Choosing the right skin care school is essential in this process, as your training should give you the experience you need to…(Read More)


At Florida Academy, we offer a beauty program that provides a curriculum rich in the most in-demand trends and skills in the beauty industry. Our beauty school trains students in the latest trends in haircutting, coloring and styling. Our goal is for every student to master hair texture concepts that will leave each of…(Read More)


When starting a new career as a massage therapist, it is important to understand and master the most popular techniques, as this is what your clients will be looking for in a therapist. There are four major techniques that Florida Academy has all students master in the massage therapy program, to help set you up…(Read More)

Nail technician giving a manicure.

If you are creative, detail-oriented, a fast worker, and enjoy meeting new people, you will love starting a career as a nail technician. Nail salons can see over 100 clients per day and the great thing about nails is that they will always need to be redone in a couple of weeks. This means…(Read More)

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