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Fall Makeup DIY Tutorial 2018 Florida Academy

As summer starts to fade, now is the perfect time to take stock of your makeup and discover fall’s makeup trends. Makeup trends for fall 2018 take their cue from the fashions and designs introduced during the renowned New York Fashion Week, held twice a year in February and September. The good news is…(Read More)

Florida Academy Beauty School

Take the first steps toward your future! Florida Academy offers professional career education programs in beauty & wellness and trade & industrial. Learn hands-on from instructors who are all industry experts and be ready to begin your career in just one year. Once you graduate, Florida Academy’s Career Services representatives are committed to…(Read More)

Massage Therapy

These days everyone seems to want to cure everything with prescription drugs. Do you know one of the best alternatives for allopathic pain relievers? Here’s a hint: it doesn’t come in a pill. Give up? We’re talking, of course, about massage therapy. Massage therapy is the use of massage methods and techniques…(Read More)

Massage Therapy Program Florida

After studying finance in college and doing a few internships, Myra Adu-Sarkodie knew it wasn’t the field for her. She did a considerable amount of research to see what she was best suited for. One field came up repeatedly: massage therapy. She pondered the possibilities. “It’s a health care field. You’re…(Read More)

Massage Therapy Program Florida

“Work” is not a word Eliane Oramas would use to describe her job as a massage instructor at Florida Academy. For her, teaching massage therapy program is her passion. A beauty school graduate who went back to study massage therapy at the age of 30, Oramas says it changed her life. “I never felt that…(Read More)

Massage Therapy, Why Massage Therapy, Shoulder Pain, Pain Reliever, Massage Therapy Program, Florida Academy

According to Massage Magazine, shoulder pain is one of the top seven types of pain, affecting nearly 20 percent of the population. Shoulder pain can affect the range of motion, restrict normal activities, interrupt sleep and impact overall quality of life. Massage therapy can be an effective pain reliever. Understanding the shoulder’s anatomy The…(Read More)

Best career school in southwest florida

Best Career School in Southwest Florida Florida Academy was voted best career of Southwest Florida! Find out about our trade programs and get career training in less than a year! Located in Fort Myers, Florida Academy offers professional trade programs in beauty and wellness as well as HVAC. Learn hands-on from instructors who are…(Read More)

  Lauriel Bowen, who graduated from Florida Academy’s massage therapy program last summer, is anxious to put her massage training and techniques to use. Licensed in Virginia as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Bowen is waiting for the Florida Board of Massage to receive that paperwork so that…(Read More)

People have been using face masks as part of their skin care regimen for millennia. Cleopatra was said to have used clay, dead sea mud and egg whites as facial masks in ancient Egypt, and other cultures followed with natural facial and skin care practices. Regardless of the ingredients used, all recognized the importance of…(Read More)


Congrats! You’ve passed your state cosmetology boards and have landed a position as a stylist in a salon. You’ve set up your station, but the only one sitting in your chair is you. How do you build up your clientele and get them in your chair? Get social Of course, talking about what…(Read More)

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