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Career Placement Help

Since 1992, our school has been assisting employers and students by providing career placement help. The Career Services office is devoted to working with graduates and employers on employee recruitment. Our devotion is so strong that we have two career services professionals – one specializing in the beauty and wellness field and the other in the trade and industrial industry.  Our Career Services representatives assist students with creating a professional resume, prepare them for employer interviews and so much more.

In addition, at Florida Academy we host annual Career Fairs on campus and facilitate tours of employers wishing to highlight the benefits of a particular company in our community.Our Job Fairs give current students and graduates exposure to a variety of employers. Job Fairs take place on campus where employers display their company information and meet with students or graduates one-on-one. As an added benefit to our graduates, Florida Academy maintains a proprietary list of jobs that are currently in demand, with the employer’s name and contact information. Our Career Services Department is available to all graduates throughout their lifetimes.

Our programs in Beauty & Wellness and Trade & Industrial can present promising opportunities for graduates who successfully complete their studies. The job outlooks for professionals in those fields are continuing to grow. For instance, the demand for HVAC technicians is projected to grow by 5% between 2021 and 2031, according to US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The demand for cosmetologists has a growth projection of 11% in that same period.*

For employers, Florida Academy will publicize your positions, help you with candidate searches, and even work with you on your on-campus job listing. We also routinely hold Job Fairs on campus, which provide employers with an opportunity to talk with current students and graduates. These Job Fairs are highly popular and often result in capacity crowds, with many employers being placed on a “waiting list” to attend the next Florida Academy Job Fair. Contact our Career Services Department to reserve a table at our next Job Fair.

Please contact our Career Services department at 239-489-2282 for more information, or submit an Employer Information form.