“This is a good place to recruit (our employees).”

-Joseph, employer

“I just wanted to thank you for your help in promoting Conditioned Air to your students. In the past year, we have hired several of your students and are very pleased with their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Conditioned Air averages 34 promotions/transfers a year with our internal staff and plan to see Florida Academy HVAC graduates have many opportunities to advance their careers with us. When I attend the local career fairs, I always mention Florida Academy’s HVAC program as an alternative with kids who are unable to attend college. I show them a handout that HVAC Technician jobs are predicted to grow “faster than average” thru 2024 according to DOL Job Outlook website. Again, thank you for your support and we greatly appreciate you taking the time in teaching these students the proper way to be an Excellent HVAC Technician.”

–Kurt England, Conditioned Air (https://www.conditionedair.com)

“I am impressed with the facilities at Florida Academy. The training labs are set up excellent for learning the HVAC trade. I constantly recommend Florida Academy’s HVAC program to people as a way to learn the trade and help the skills gap and labor shortages the industry faces.”

–Mike Duggan, Bruno Air (https://brunoair.com)