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5 Easy Steps to Create the Perfect Zombie Makeup


Halloween is upon us, which means it’s time to decide who you’ll be dressing up as. The zombie is a popular choice for many, so we’re here to take your zombie look from scary to absolutely terrifying! We’ve broken out the steps for you, so all you have to do is get into character. These makeup tricks result in the best treat of all: an amazing zombie look!


  1. Use latex to create a more realistic look. When using latex (from any local Halloween or party store), first apply the liquid directly to the skin and you may use the following for any special FX:
    • Mix uncooked oatmeal for a “scabby” look and apply to the desired area.
    • To make a tear or gash in the skin, apply latex to bathroom tissue into your desired shape leaving the center non-adhered, making it easy to rip. When it dries, rip the dried area and form your gash or cut.
    • Adhere Rice Crispies with latex to make a disease-ridden face.
    • Rice can be adhered using latex to create the appearance of maggots forming on the skin.
    • Adhere latex to a rubber fishing worm coming out of the skin.
    • To extend the mouth and add additional teeth, you can use plastic nail tips embedded in latex.
  2. To finish your look, it is best to have white base makeup to create more depth and then contour with your desired colors (earth tones work best).
  3. To have the appearance of a sunken eye, apply black or grey eye shadow or theatrical powder.
  4. Use white cable wires for bones.
  5. Anything can be adhered with the latex – use your imagination and think outside the box!


Author: Lisa Odar

Lisa is Director of Cosmetology for Florida Academy and the owner of AliNico Hair and Makeup Design. She has a vision for artistry, color and flawless beauty. A qualified hair design and makeup artist who has specialized and extensively worked in the industry for over 20 years, Lisa has recognized the need for professional hair and makeup design allowing the client the opportunity to be in the comforts of their own private and comfortable surroundings.

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