903 Hours, 32 Weeks (Days)9:00 am – 3:00 pm M-F

Learn the Techniques of Specialty Make-up Applications as a Diagnostic

For anyone inspired by special-occasion make-up looks, consider studying to become a Diagnostic Priming Specialist. Students enrolled in our program will learn the application techniques and skills to work in Southwest Florida’s booming make-up industry at premier wedding venues and more. In eight months (32 weeks), our students can be on their way to a lucrative career, thanks to Florida Academy’s specialized training.

With in-depth, hands-on learning in an environment that mimics a real-world workplace, our students learn from industry professionals who give them the skills and confidence they need to begin their careers. Students will gain competence in all areas of make-up: natural looks, corrective applications, make-up for internet and cable broadcast, camera-ready make-up, fashion and photography make-up techniques, and wedding and special occasion techniques, as well as hairstyle techniques to complete the look.
Upon program completion, students will have gained a solid base of business and marketing information, including liability and business insurance requirements, strategic planning and goal setting to ensure success. In addition, program graduates are eligible to receive as well as Florida Registration in Body Wrapping.


Along with the comprehensive training students at Florida Academy receive, practice and persistence can really pay off – leading you to the career of your dreams.

When you complete the Diagnostic Priming Specialist program at Florida Academy, you’ll have a variety of opportunities to consider. You may even want to start your own business! Here are some possibilities:

  • Help brides and bridal parties look their best
  • Assist fashion photographers
  • Work behind the scenes in TV or film as a celebrity make-up artist
  • Apply corrective make-up

When you study at Florida Academy, you’ll have a mix of classroom and hands-on instruction. Each course is designed to give you the foundation and skills you need to go out into the workplace and launch a successful career. Right from the start, you’ll hone your skills in an environment that simulates the real-world workplace. When you do start working, you’ll be confident and familiar with your surroundings.

Our 903-hour diagnostic priming specialist program incorporates all the curricula and certifications associated with our skin care program, techniques for make-up application and additional medical terminology to aid in diagnosing how best to prime the patient’s or client’s skin.

Your courses include:

  • Beauty Essentials
  • Application/Facial Techniques & Allergy Indicators
  • Airbrushing
  • Bridal Make-Up
  • Studio Make-Up
  • High-Fashion Trends Make-Up
  • Essentials of Hair
  • Product Chemistry
  • Epilation
  • Blood-Borne Pathogens
  • Electricity
  • Theories of Disease and Disorders

Plus, practicum clinics in:

  • Body Wrapping Techniques
  • Business and Marketing

And capstone:

  • Portfolio Development

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