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Fall Makeup DIY Tutorial 2018 Florida Academy

A DIY Makeup Tutorial to Take You into Fall 2018


Fall MakeupAs summer starts to fade, now is the perfect time to take stock of your makeup and discover fall’s makeup trends. Makeup trends for fall 2018 take their cue from the fashions and designs introduced during the renowned New York Fashion Week, held twice a year in February and September. The good news is that nearly anything goes, from the fresh, dewy look of youth and middle-school-inspired innocence to bold, multicolored glam and futuristic accents.

To achieve the fall looks, you’ll want to get your makeup kit ready. Fill it with brushes (the tools of the trade), primer, concealer, foundation, translucent powder, eyebrow essentials, blushes, lipsticks and eye shadows to create a trendy makeup application. If you’re looking for products in the season’s popular colors, consider the line from Make-up Designory (MUD) Cosmetics.

Here are some of this DIY makeup trends for Fall 2018:

For the face…

This fall’s “in” face is dewy with a natural look. Foundation tints are pale, neutral or porcelain, and they may be accented subtly with just a wash of peach-pink blush or a color that mimics the rosy glow of coming in from the cold weather. A hint of mauve is another option that works well on most skin tones. When applying foundation, the preference this season is to apply contour very gently, playing up the natural shape of the face. What’s different with this year’s natural look is the way color is paired against it – most notably with eye makeup trends.

The eyes have it…

They have everything, from metallic shades and glitter to smoky, jewel tones and feathery eyelashes.

  • Fall Makeup Tutorial 2018Eye shadows this fall may be well-blended metallics – especially coppers – with silver the big color highlighting the inner eye. An interesting look is achieved with color-block shadows that can be bold and brash, and look as if they’ve followed a paint-by-numbers pattern. Pops of color not usually seen on eyes – orange, royal blue, canary yellow – may be seen painted on the lid, the crease or even under the eye.
  • Eyeliner runs the gamut, too, from thinner water-lined looks to wide bands of black turned into the upward cat-eye style of the ’60s to the smudged liner of the ’90s grunge era. Some are opting for a half-eyed eyeliner that reaches from the outer corner in, and resembles a wishbone. You could even see eyeliner that goes beyond the eye in an extended brash triangle or even a rectangle like something you might see in anime or on your favorite avatar. As for color? Blue is the hot one.
  • Mascara that’s set to be popular this fall can be found in multiple colors; bold blue, however, is the favorite. A no-mascara option is also coming into play – especially in combination with a bold strip of eye shadow color.

The now brow…

The unibrow is back – seriously. That’s not the only style for the fall, fortunately. Gone are the drawn-on, deeply angled and defined brows of the past. The replacement? Tinted eyebrows are in, as are more natural-looking shapes. The idea is a brow that builds dimension, texture and fullness no matter what the shape. To get this look, use a fine-tipped brow pencil to actually fill in the brow with thin, hair-like strokes. Follow up with a brow-setting gel and brush upward.

Giving lips service…

Fall Makeup 2018 TutorialLips this fall will be covered in 1990s-inspired browns. Competing with the browns, however, will be deep eggplant and purple lips, as well as rich red and wine. Another interesting trend is two-tone lips, with one color applied on the upper lip and another slightly darker shade applied on the bottom. Lips may be matte, glossy or colored with stain. All colors are intended to create a stark contrast to the pale, natural look on faces.

Are you ready to get out your makeup kit (using DIY makeup tutorial) and practice creating a trendy fall 2018 look? If you need some direction, consider enrolling at Florida Academy beauty and wellness program in Fort Myers. It is among a select group of institutions partnering with Make-up Designory schools and features a cosmetics program that teaches esthetics students to become professional makeup artists in film, television, fashion and beauty.

Florida Academy’s professional instructors give you hands-on experience that provides you with a heads-up for working in the real workplace, and small class sizes allow for more personalized instruction. Contact Florida Academy today to train for your future.

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