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Effects of Humidity on an HVAC System

The Effects of Humidity on an HVAC System


You’ve probably noticed that humidity, the amount of moisture in the air, can make a big difference in how comfortable you feel. When the humidity is high, hot weather can feel sticky, muggy, or uncomfortable. And when the humidity is low, you may experience dry skin, chapped lips, or sore throats. Just like humidity affects us, it also can impact the performance of your HVAC system.

How Humidity Impacts Your AC

Air conditioning works by not only cooling the air, but also by removing moisture from the air. When it’s very humid, your AC may struggle to keep up, leaving your house feeling warm and muggy and which can cause increasing your energy bills.

Your AC May Not be the Problem

If your home has a problem with too much moisture, your AC may not be to blame. Issues like condensation, mold or mildew, a musty smell, wet spots on ceilings or walls may be caused by water vapor or seepage issues. Instead of repairing or replacing your AC, you may need a dehumidifier to help reduce the water in the air and improve your AC’s overall performance. To help determine the problem, check your house for plumbing leaks or cracks where moisture might be coming in, and ensure your home has proper ventilation.

Is the Humidity in Your Home Too Low?

If your house isn’t heating adequately or you are suffering from dry, itchy skin, scratchy throats, or notice a lot of static electricity in the air, the air is likely too dry. You can get a humidifier/vaporizer to add moisture to the air in specific rooms or consider a whole house humidifying system to help. 

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