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4 Specialties You Learn in Skin Care School


No matter what profession you aspire to, finding the program that fits your needs is essential. Finding the right skin care school is no exception. When picking what school is best for you, it is important to consider the different types of skin care that you can specialize in and determine if you would like to dabble in all areas or pick a specific specialty. At Florida Academy, skin care specialties include: facials, waxing, body wrapping, make-up application, eyelash extensions, permanent make up, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, ultrasonic facials, LED light therapies, and Endermologie.

Facials: Many people turn to skin care specialists when they are in need of expert advice and assistance to manage their skin. This is especially true for people who deal with face-to-face interaction in business, anyone aspiring for a performance career, people who have been plagued by acne in their adult lives, and women who have a desire to slow down the aging clock on their faces and necks.

Specialized training is available for skin care specialists to learn to identify skin care needs and how to educate their clients on these needs. Continuing education professionals can learn the best treatments for blackheads, large pores, restoring balance of moisture and oil, and how to tame acne-prone skin. They can also seek specialized training in non-invasive collagen treatments, tricks for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, treatments to reduce dark circles around the eyes, skin brightening/lightening, and balancing/evening complexions, all of which aid in making the skin appear younger and firmer.

Waxing: A popular and preferred method of hair removal, when performed correctly, waxing takes precision and attention to detail. FA students are trained in the many different styles of body waxing and the most effective ways to tackle stubborn hair.

Our program teaches students how to use hard and soft wax, and which method works best for certain hair types. Some people prefer other types of hair removal over waxing, and that is no problem because a FA trained skin-care specialist strives to master several types of hair removal methods to make themselves more marketable to potential clients. Other types of hair removal include sugaring, threading, and tweezing.

Body Wrapping: This is a popular trend to assist in weight loss, detox, and skin nourishment. Various materials can be used in body wrapping, depending on the client’s desired results. FA students are taught the proper wrapping techniques and what mediums (clay, algae, lotions, etc.) will be most beneficial to their individual clients.

Body wrapping is often accompanied by heat treatments which help the body to sweat out impurities and boost the metabolism. Students are trained in safety considerations associated with utilizing heat treatments. Florida Academy’s new skincare lab even has a dedicated body wrapping station complete with Vichy showerhead and scrubber.

Make-Up: A skin care specialist is not a person who merely paints faces for a living. A skin care specialist reinvents each face that they work on. They have the ability to influence how the light reflects off of the skin, which features to accent or contour, how to make the skin appear smoother and more youthful, which areas of the face to lighten and/or darken to achieve the desired finish, and how to add dimension to otherwise muted features.

Skin care specialists have a huge impact on the performing arts, in the fashion industry, and working in the media with news casters and political icons. It is important to also remember that a skin care specialist can have a huge impact on an individual’s biggest life moments. More and more women are hiring skin care specialists for their wedding days to ensure that they look flawless all day (and night). This trend is also becoming more common for proms and homecoming events, and graduation photos for high school students across the country.

A career in skin care can open up the world in new ways. It can take your career in many directions and lead to many exciting adventures that you would never have known existed. A skin care specialist has the unique ability to cross cultural barriers and unite humanity in a beautiful way.

At Florida Academy, we make sure our students understand the special impact they are having on their client’s lives in a way that welcomes creativity and brings happiness and comfort to millions of people every year. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our programs and training. Remember that you are making the world beautiful, one person at a time.

Visit our program page to learn more about Skin Care Specialties and available career paths.

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