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Cosmetologists Have One of the Most In-Demand Careers


Cosmetology covers a vast array of specialties which is why it is such an in-demand career field. Depending on the state and program you choose, your cosmetology training may include instruction in hair cutting, shampooing and conditioning treatments, hair restoration, coloring, permanents and styling. Training also includes nail care and design, skin care to include various facial techniques, make-up application, and body waxing.

Some programs also include training in hand, arm, foot, facial, and scalp massage. This wide range of skills makes licensed cosmetologists very desirable for spas, salons, resorts, telecommunication companies (TV networks), the fashion industry, nursing homes or residential care communities, corrections facilities, military communities, and beauty product-line sales.

Crunching Numbers

The cosmetology industry is projected to grow by more than 13% by the year 2022. Considering that the combined annual revenue of cosmetologists and barbers is currently hovering at $20 billion, 13% will literally add over a billion dollars in growth within the next seven years. Currently, there are over 87,000 existing salons and barber shops in the US. That number is growing every year, as more stylists choose to open their own spas and salons. It is also important to note that product sales count for a lot as well. An average of 10% of a salon’s revenue comes from the sale of products to their customers. This reinforces the importance of knowing your products and understanding your client’s needs. Not only can selling your client the right products boost revenues, it also reinforces a relationship with that client—especially if they end up absolutely loving the product! Securing clients is what it’s all about!

Personality Counts

Cosmetology is a fairly recession-proof career, but it is not people-proof. In truth, most successful cosmetologists are social butterflies. Why is that? Because cosmetology and going to a salon are about more than beauty to the consumer.

Clients expect friendship, a confidant, a therapist, a fashion advisor, and a beauty genius. They expect you to know what is best for them when they don’t, and even when they think they do. They expect you to guide them through their beauty process and help them express their inner beauty to the outside world.
And many clients will share their most intimate feelings and experiences with you, which is why customer service is a number one priority. Your customers need to feel safe and secure when working with you, and trust needs to be established. It is a big responsibility. And that’s just the human connection—the haircut matters too!

Attention to detail is extremely important, with consideration for the person’s health, physical features, and even sometimes their career. For example, if a military member comes to you for a regulation-compliant haircut and you give them something that does not meet military standards, they may be reprimanded. In small communities like this, word of mouth counts for a lot, so it is important to know your audience and cater to their needs. Your state of mind also counts for a lot! Maintaining a positive attitude towards your clients and your work, not allowing your stress to show in your performance, and being flexible in your schedule can help your career flourish.

Always In Demand

People love having their hair “done.” Going to the barber or to a salon is an experience that connects with people on a spiritual level. Sitting back and relaxing as you get your hair washed and conditioned is comparable to getting a massage for many people. The sensation of feeling the hair fall away is a form of stress relief as if your shears are clipping away the client’s worries. No matter the state of the economy people will always want to get their hair cut and enjoy their 30 minutes to an hour of salon serenity.

Receiving training from a cosmetology program that understands this psychology and teaches our students to understand and appreciate it is what sets Florida Academy apart from so many other programs. Cosmetology is a career with exponential opportunity that will continue to grow and expand. Start your career in cosmetology today with Florida Academy, and break in to one of the most in-demand careers in America.

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