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5 Tips for Healthy Nails


When your nails look good, nothing can stop you. The best way to keep your nails looking fresh is to keep them healthy. Keep reading to learn five simple tips and tricks for maintaining nail health.

Why Nail Care Is Essential

Whether you get a manicure every month or sport a bare nail look, you should feel confident in the way your nails and cuticles look. Proper nail care takes a little bit of work. But with the right regimen, you’ll keep them looking good 24/7.

Top 5 Nail Care Tips

Check out our top five healthy nail tips to maintain that salon look and feel year-round.

  1. Moisturize
    Nail health starts at the root. Cuticles protect the nail roots from which your nails grow. That’s why moisturizing cuticles regularly helps your nails grow longer and stronger. You can also coat your nails in oil—such as avocado oil—to keep them hydrated and flexible.
  2. Cut straight across
    Always cut your nails straight across to keep them strong and protect against ingrown nails. Use a nail file to soften or round the edges.
  3. Switch up your diet
    Eat more foods high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids—such as fish, nuts, and beans. Protein thickens and strengthens nails, while omega-3 fatty acids give them a glossy finish. If necessary, you can take a keratin supplement for high protein foods and fish oil supplements for foods high in omega-3 fatty acids.
  4. Disinfect nail care tools
    Always disinfect your at-home nail care tools before using them. All you need to do is soak the tools in isopropyl alcohol (70% or stronger), rinse them with water, and let them dry.
  5. Avoid biting & picking
    You heard it from your mom growing up, and you’re hearing it from us now. Don’t bite your nails or pick at your cuticles. Doing so not only ruins their appearance but also stunts nail growth and makes cuticles more susceptible to infection.



Maintain a Nail Care Routine

If we could only leave you with one piece of advice, it would be this: find a practical nail care regimen that you like, and stick to it. We all know that healthy habits help you build a healthy routine. Once you have a healthy nail routine, you can enjoy strong and beautiful nails all year long.

4 Essential Healthy Nail Products

Keep your nails healthy, strong, and looking beautiful with these four essential products:

  1. Oil: Apply a layer of oil to your nails to keep them hydrated, strong, and flexible.
  2. Keratin & fish oil supplements: Taking supplements will help your nails grow back thicker and stronger while maintaining a glossy exterior.
  3. Clippers & a file: Invest in a pair of sharp clippers and a gentle file so you can trim and file your nails at home and when on the go.
  4. Moisturizer: Moisturize your nails and cuticles regularly to keep them hydrated and accelerate the growth process.

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