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Cosmetology is a broad category including services that target the hair, skin, and nails. Cosmetologists help clients have confidence in the way they look by providing professional beauty services. The barbering, hairstyling, and cosmetology field is projected to have a 19% growth rate between 2020 and 2030. So if you have any interest in pursuing…(Read More)


Do you value flexibility, creativity, variety, a competitive salary, and career advancement opportunities in your career? If you answered yes to any of those options, a career in cosmetology might be a perfect fit. Keep reading to learn more about what it looks like to have a career in cosmetology and the benefits you’ll…(Read More)


Whether your hairdresser trimmed your hair a little too short or you want to try a fun updo for the holidays, hair extensions can give you the extra length you need for as long as you need it. Keep reading to learn more about hair extensions, their benefits, and how to apply them to your…(Read More)


If it’s your lifelong dream to pursue a career in cosmetology, skin care, nail technology, or massage therapy, apply to one of the accredited beauty and wellness training programs at Florida Academy. About the Beauty & Wellness Field The beauty and wellness field is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country with…(Read More)


Want to ensure your hair and skin looks and feels healthy all summer long? Abide by our list of summer beauty tips for the results you want. 8 Summer Beauty Tips for an Attractive Look Follow these eight summer skincare and haircare tips for an attractive look that will last all season. UV Care For…(Read More)


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work as a professional barber? It all starts with finding the right barbering training program to acquire the skills you’ll need for success in the field. Most Common FAQs About Barbering Training Programs Take a look at the top five barbering program FAQs people…(Read More)


Cosmetology is the study and practice of administering various beauty treatments. Cosmetologists are tasked with helping clients look and feel their best through services such as hair styling, nail art, and facial treatments. Want to know if attending a cosmetology school is the next step in your career? If you value creativity, job flexibility, and…(Read More)


If you’re interested in becoming an HVAC technician, you should apply to the HVAC/R Technology training program at Florida Academy. As one of Florida’s top HVAC training schools, we offer engaging, practical learning experiences that equip students to navigate life on the job. With a promising career outlook in Florida, now is…(Read More)


As temperatures continue rising, people are spending more time outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. With this shift comes increased sun exposure. Whether hiking or laying on the beach, shielding your skin from the sun is an essential component of any healthy skincare routine. Check out our guide below to learn what you can do…(Read More)


When your nails look good, nothing can stop you. The best way to keep your nails looking fresh is to keep them healthy. Keep reading to learn five simple tips and tricks for maintaining nail health. Why Nail Care Is Essential Whether you get a manicure every month or sport a bare nail look, you…(Read More)


If you’ve ever suffered from a lack of cool airflow in your home when it’s hot outside, you know how uncomfortable it gets. That’s why homeowners should know what factors contribute to optimal airflow and how to fix HVAC airflow problems when they pop up. To ensure proper airflow and home comfort…(Read More)


Whether you suffer from chronic pain, stress, or muscle soreness, it’s hard to know which solutions will provide true relief. Before throwing in the towel, give a hot stone massage a try. This therapeutic massage technique—which is commonly applied to the back, upper chest, and legs—utilizes smooth, heated stones to provide pain…(Read More)


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work as a nail technician? Is it your lifelong dream to give clients radiant complexions with specialized skincare treatments? If so, a career working as an esthetician is a great option for you. As an esthetician, you’d help clients look and feel their best…(Read More)


Massage therapy is a physical therapy technique that improves your overall health and well-being. The primary massage therapy benefits include muscle tension relief, stress and anxiety reduction, and injury prevention. Whether you can’t sleep or experience chronic pain, try massage therapy to get the relief you need. Understanding Massage Therapy Massage therapy is…(Read More)


New year, new hairstyle trends. Since it can be hard to stay up-to-date on the latest beauty trends, we’ve put together a helpful guide for the most common hairstyles and haircut trends you can expect to see in 2022. Everything You Need To Know About Haircut Trends Maybe you need new haircut…(Read More)


There’s something about a new haircut or hairstyle that makes you feel like a million bucks. Whether you need a trim to keep your ends healthy or want a dramatic new look, take the time to determine which look will best complement your features and personal style. If you’re struggling to settle on…(Read More)


If you want a job in the medical field that offers flexibility, a competitive salary, and career advancement opportunities, you should consider pursuing a career as a medical assistant (MA). An MA performs both clinical and administrative tasks that are an integral part of maintaining smooth operations at any medical facility. Keep reading to learn…(Read More)


If you’re looking for a flexible career that offers diverse job functions, a career in the beauty and wellness industry may be a great fit for you. From cosmetology to esthetics to massage therapy, the beauty and wellness industry has promising career opportunities for people in every career stage and from all walks of…(Read More)

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