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Easy Steps for Perfect Makeup


Face it, you can become your own glam squad of one with these ten easy steps! A Perfect Makeup look tutorial.

Whether you are a true makeup newbie, or just need to brush up on your makeup techniques, here’s your beauty school how-to guide for the perfect makeup look. We go from the basics like determining eye shape to more advanced skills like highlighting and contouring.

Gather your tools—makeup brushes, makeup sponges, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow brush, eyeshadow, eyeshadow brushes, highlighter, contour powder, contour brush, foundation, cream blush, lipliner, lipstick, lip brush, nail file, moisturizer, and nail polish.

Go from “feeling beat” to “beating your face,” like a glam squad pro.

STEP 1 Fresh start

Start with a freshly cleaned face. The perfect beginning to perfect makeup is a truly blank canvas.

STEP 2 Shape your eyebrows

Thick, natural brows are in. Quickly swipe an eyebrow pencil with thin strokes to fill brows. Follow up by brushing eyebrows upward.

STEP 3 Determine your eye shape

Do you have close-set eyes or wide-set eyes? Measure the distance between your eyes, from inner corner to inner corner, across your nose.

Then measure the width of one eye. If your eye measurement is smaller, then you have wide-set eyes. If your eye measurement is bigger, you have close-set eyes.

STEP 4 Line your eyes

Apply eyeliner or a dark shadow in a thin line of the lash lines of your eyelids.

For wide-set eyes, line the inner half, which will make your eyes appear closer together than they actually are.

For close-set eyes, line the outer half of the top and bottom lash lines to make them appear larger.

STEP 5 Smolder with a simple smoky eye look

The secret to a smoky eye is to blend your eyeshadow layers.

Apply a soft matte eyeshadow powder in a light neutral shade to the entire lid. Then layer eyeshadows (use two or more darker, complementary shades) to create a shadow gradient. Remember to blend, blend, blend.




STEP 6 Contour your face

Contouring can be easy, as in be sure to “go easy” to start. A little contouring goes a long way. The secrets are to use a small amount of contour powder, keep it simple, and to concentrate on blending.

Use an angled contour brush to swipe a line of contour powder from your ear to the apple of your cheek. Be light-handed, go gently, and blend. Repeat on the other side.

STEP 7 Highlight your assets

Highlighting, like contouring, is a science and an art. To start, pick a highlighter that works well with the undertones in your face. If you have a blue, cool overtone, go for a highlighter with a bluish-pink tinge. For a warmer overtone, choose a highlighter with a golden shade. If you are unsure of your overtone, pick a neutral highlighter.

Safe places to start highlighting are the highest planes of the face, like the cheeks, brow bone, and center of the nose bridge. Use a gentle, light touch.

STEP 8 Get a pretty flush with blush

Good old blush was the original way to sculpt your face with makeup.
Cream blush goes on easily with just your fingers. Just tap a bit onto the apples of your cheeks to wake up your face.

STEP 9 Sealed with a kiss

The key to great lips is to exfoliate and moisturize. For really chapped lips, grab a tooth brush and scrub. Once you have smooth lips, use a lip liner to define your Cupid’s bow. Choose one shade of lipstick to cover your entire mouth. As an option, choose lipstick in a lighter shade to dab in the middle of your lips for the perfect pout.

STEP 10 Nail it with nail technique

The “perfect 10” look ends with ten perfectly manicured nails. Shape your nails with a nail file. Gently push back your cuticles. Moisturize your nails and hands. Wash with soap and water. Paint with your favorite nail polish.

Do you love applying makeup on yourself and all your friends? Do you feel like you could add your own steps to this perfect makeup list?
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