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How to Apply Eye Make-Up Like a Pro


Before you even think about applying your eye make-up, you need to gather your tools of the trade: an assortment of brushes, primer, concealer, shadows, mascara, eyebrow gel and eyeliners. With tools assembled and a few techniques, you should be able to give yourself the look you desire.

There’s still one more thing to consider before you get started, and that’s the shape of your eyes. This will affect the way you apply your make-up to enhance your face. Are they close set or wide set? If you don’t know, you’ll need a tape measure or ruler to determine which you have. Measure the distance between your eyes from inner corner to inner corner and across your nose. Then measure the width of one eye. Is that number smaller than the first? If so, you have wide-set eyes. If it’s the reverse, you have close-set eyes.

Now you’re ready to apply your eye make-up.

Let’s Learn how to Apply Eye Makeup Like Pro.

How to Apply Eye Make-Up Like a Pro


Step 1: Prime your lids.

Dot a small amount of make-up primer to the entire lid and underneath your brow. Blend it out lightly without rubbing.

Step 2: Dot on concealer.

If you’re plagued by blueish-purplish skin or dark under-eye circles, concealer that’s just lighter than your skin could help camouflage problem areas. Use your ring finger (for a lighter touch) to dot concealer in three spots underneath your eye: the inner corner, the pupil and the outer corner. Lightly blend.

Step 3: Apply eyeshadow.

For close-set eyes, choose three or four complementary colors to create a shadow gradient. Start at the inner corner of your eye with the lightest color, going outward to the darkest color. This will help make your eyes appear wider. Be sure to blend the shades for a seamless transition.

For wide-set eyes, start at the inner corner with a darker shadow, going lighter toward the outer edge. This is the opposite of what you do for close-set eyes. Don’t forget to blend.

Step 4: Highlight your eye.

For close-set eyes, choose a light, shimmery shadow and press it onto the skin around the inner corner of your eye using your finger or an eyeshadow brush. This will instantly make your eyes appear larger.

For wide-set eyes, highlight the outer corner with a lighter shade rather than the inner corner.

Step 5: Line your eyes.

If you’re going for a really casual look, you can skip this step. Otherwise, grab your liner pencil, gel or darker eyeshadow and brush. For a smoky look, choose a dark shadow that you apply on the upper and lower lash lines and carefully smudge to blend.

For close-set eyes, line the outer half of the top and bottom lash lines to make them appear larger. If you like the cat look that extends the outer corner, it’s a good option for anyone with close-set eyes.

For wide-set eyes, line the inner half, which will make your eyes appear to be closer together than they actually are.

Step 6: Extend your brows.

The direction you choose depends on your eye shape.

For close-set eyes, use a brow gel to fill in sparse places and the outer tips.

For wide-set eyes, add more volume to the inner edge of your brows to give the illusion of less distance between your eyes. If you’ve overplucked, adding gel or brow color to this part will give you more definition.

Step 7: Curl your lashes and apply mascara.

There are many colors to choose from, and each can give you a slightly different look. However, a volumizing mascara applied in two coats with more emphasis on the outer lashes will be more effective and dramatic for any eye shape.

Step 8: Highlight your brow bone.

Add a bit of illuminator or glimmer on the brow bone to wake up your eyes and make them appear brighter.

Take a step back and admire yourself in the mirror. Just make sure you’ve done a good job of blending, and you’ll have achieved a more natural, “effortless” appearance.

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