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Spring Makeup Trends of 2022 That Are Already Taking Over Instagram


New year. New decade. New makeup? Absolutely! The nine spring makeup trends taking over Instagram in 2020 are all about breaking rules and having fun. Are you ready to discover the most popular makeup trends this spring? Here’s what you can expect from trendy eye makeup to lipstick trends.

Check out the Top Glamorous Make-Up Trends of 2022 Spring

Eye am amazed at what’s happening!

The biggest news in makeup trends 2020 is about the eyes: shadow, liner and more. With a little practice, you can apply eye makeup like a pro. These are the Instagram makeup trends popping up everywhere: in clubs, at concerts and maybe even at the office.


  • Embellished eyes. We’re actually talking about appliquéd eyes. You’re going to see eyes decorated with stars, rhinestones, craft pearls and possibly even stickers. Go check out your mom’s scrapbooking supplies and see if she has some stick-on pearls. Peel them off and place them around your eyes (and maybe even on your lips!).
  • Off-the-grid eyeliner. This means eyeliner that may “float” over your lids in a design (loops, clouds, zigzags or whatever) and not rest traditionally over your upper lash line.
  • Neon meow … wow. Cat eyes are not a new trend; they’ve popped up now and then since the 1960s. However, the latest makeup trend for the feline-inspired is Cleopatra eyes, which are bright and bold … and sometimes a total white out. Use bright lime green, orange neon or even white eye shadow to boldly line your upper lashes and trail it outward and upward.
  • Mermaid tears. But they always seem so happy, you say! Well, if mermaids do cry, their tears would be pretty pastels or a pop of color (yellow, pink or orange, perhaps?) on the inner corners of the eyes and extended up like eyeliner.
  • Follow the rainbow. It leads to your eyelids, of course. Of the many new eyeshadow trends, rainbow-colored eyes may be the most colorful. Instead of applying a color to the lid, another to the crease and maybe one that blends the other two, rainbow eyes are a spring season makeup trend that you can take some liberty with. Choose your palette of colors and apply them from the upper eyelid to the brow line to make your eyes appear like rainbows stretching from each corner of your eye.
  • Smoky, glittery metallics. Smoky eyes have been a popular makeup look for evening for a while. Spring trends in 2020 go a step beyond. Apply a primer to your lids and maybe a smoky gunmetal shadow, but then top it with a silvery, glittery shimmer for a bold look that could easily be a showstopper on the red carpet.




From my lips to yours: makeup trends you’ll love

Lips this season are certain to make a statement, from innocence to rebellion … and even art.

  • Seeing red. Yep. Red is back! Make sure you use a lip scrub first to smooth the surface, and then apply a bold, bright red matte color. You might even try a clash of color with red lips and yellow or orange eyeshadow.
  • Wet and wonderful. The wet look for lips is in. Get that high gloss and put it on naked lips for a wonderful shine. While you’re at it, think about an all-over gloss on your face, cheeks, lids and nose (yes … it really is a spring 2020 trend).
  • Artistic masterpiece. You like red lipstick? Pink? Purple? OK. Use all three … together. Think of your lips this season as a blank canvas. Become a lip Picasso when you apply multiple colors to create a design, wave or mural; your spin will make your lips a work of art!

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