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Fade Haircuts For Men: A Complete Guide To Read About


A fade hairstyle may seem simple, but it’s something that can take someone’s look to a whole new level. Whether they want something subtle or bold, the fade haircuts for men never go out of style. What it represents is a fading effect that comes about due to different hair lengths. There are some amazing fade hairstyles that men should try out so let’s take a look at them in this haircuts guide.

The Taper Fade

This is one of the most popular fade haircuts for men. It isn’t too loud, which means it works well for casual and formal attire. The taper fade is a short fade haircut and starts from no hair to little hair and so on till you reach the top of the head. This fade starts from the back of the neck and works its way to the middle of the skull.

Anybody who is wondering what is a fade haircut and doesn’t want to go all out will benefit from this look. Men can always experiment with the length to go with something that suits their personality and preference.

The Low Fade

This is less subtle hairstyles fade in comparison to the taper fade. It reveals more skin because it starts low and begins blending at the curve of the head. People who have good textured hair will enjoy this haircut.

This is one of the fade haircuts for men that work well with someone who has a well-grown beard because the haircut accentuates the beard and works as a contrast.

The Mid Fade

The mid fade haircut is a little bolder in comparison to the low fade, but it does not expose that much scalp. It starts somewhere above the ears and has a noticeable fade approach. It’s versatile and men can play around with different hairstyles using this fade style.

This fade style works well with men who like to be experimental with their looks and like styling their hair. Men who go in for this style will need a bit of hair around the crown so they need to invest in good wax or gel to hold the hair in place.

The High Fade

The high hairstyles fade is a bold contrast between the back and side of the head and the crown. The best way to get this look is with a foil shaver. There’s no level of fade that one works with and the measurement of the head is not taken into consideration, but it does take off quite a bit of the hair which makes the person look bold.

This men’s fade haircut is more popular with men that have difficulty maintaining hair or those who have a square or a round face.

The Scissor Fade

For men that are not keen on getting too close to the scalp, then the scissor fade is a great option. This men’s fade haircut is generally used when one has to work around the shape of the head to give it a definitive custom look.

This is a subtle, safe, and easy to go-to style for someone who is just migrating to fade hairstyles. The look is a little subtle, so men will need good quality wax and gel to style the hair properly.



Tips For The Best Fade

Don’t Do It On Your Own

There are a ton of DIY videos available online these days and it is easy to get tempted to try styling your hair. With the fade hairstyle, it is always better to leave it in the hands of the experts from the barber school in Fort Myers, Florida so that people don’t have to end up shaving all their hair.

Look Out For Bumps

When you look for barbering training Florida offers, you will learn that not everyone has a perfectly shaped skull and certain unevenness is common. When choosing a fade hairstyle, try to keep in mind the bumpy surface around the head and ensure it is covered by the hair so that it does not look uneven at the end of the haircut. Lumps and bumps are always better when covered with hair to give a smoother appearance.

Stay Sharp

For people that plan on maintaining a good fade hairstyle, they have to be ready to invest in regular trips to the barber shock. A fade hairstyle is not one that lasts long and it looks good only for a fortnight. As soon as the hair starts growing out, the fade starts to blur and the hairstyle won’t be noticeable anymore. To maintain it well and look sharp at all times, don’t miss your appointments.


If there is a hairstyle that one likes, then they shouldn’t shy away from taking the picture of the style to the barber and requesting them to give you that look. It becomes easier to compare visual images with each other and it also helps one to choose the right person to style the hair.

Look for the best centers like the Florida academy to help you craft your skill and take you to the next level. Fade haircuts are just the beginning. The world of style awaits you with the right academy.

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