Gel Vs Pomade Vs Wax – Which Is Best for Your Hair Style?


A smart haircut can spruce up your confidence and once your barber sets your hair well, you are ready to take on the world. However, after your first hair wash, it doesn’t look the way it did when you left the barber’s shop and this could often leave you frustrated.

When you flip through magazine pages and you look at the stylish hunks with hairstyles to die for, you’ll notice that there is one common factor in all of them. They use hairstyling products to make their hair look good. There are multiple hair products you can use to style your hair but understanding which product suits your hair best could be challenging.

Most people believe that the stronger the hair styling product, the easier it is to achieve a hairstyle you want. While this holds true in certain scenarios, it also leaves your hair stiff as a rock, greasy, oily, and unnatural looking. That leaves us with the most common question of them all – should you choose wax, gel, or pomade for your hair?

Using the wrong hairstyling product could make even the best haircut look bad.

However, a good hair product can be a saving grace even on bad hair days. Every person is different, so understanding your hair needs is completely up to you. You can learn all of this at the best barbering training in Fort Myers.

Experimenting with all three is something you could try if you are not confident enough picking one, however, if you are not too sure here is a basic breakup of what pomade vs wax vs gel gives you and how to choose the perfect product for your grooming needs.

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When it comes to pomade vs gel, pomade is one of the most popular hair products used by men for decades. You will find them in two variants – water-based and petroleum jelly based. Water-based pomade is less shiny, but has a neat finish while petroleum-based pomade is greasy and has a stronghold. The difference between pomade and gel is the way it feels on the hair.

Water-based pomade is easier to work with as compared to petroleum-based pomade. While the petroleum pomade has been around for longer, they are not as healthy for your scalp as water-based pomade. It’s also easier to get rid of water-based pomade from your hair each time you wash it. Greasy petroleum-based pomade is more difficult to wash off since grease and water don’t mix.

If you are looking for something that is shinier and has a better hold, then yes, you will have to choose petroleum-based pomade hairstyles. No matter which one you choose, pomade is always better for men who want a pompadour hairstyle or parted hairstyles. If you want more shine and less hold on your hair then you can apply it on wet hair, but if you want less shine and more hold then you need to apply it on dry hair. You can also look for ways on how to style hair with pomade and learn a few ideas.


Wax can be a little confusing because there are different products available in the market that call themselves wax but have varied ingredients. If you are looking for good quality wax, make sure it doesn’t have too many chemicals present in it. If you have oily hair that is medium or short in length, then hair wax is a great option for you when you compare gel vs wax. This is one of the best hair products for short hair.

If you plan on investing in wax, remember that it won’t last as long as pomade, but it’s a lot easier to apply so you can style your hair no matter where you are. When applying wax, always remember that your hair should be a little dry because hair wax will never work with wet hair.

The best part about wax is that it won’t stiffen your hair. Although it is thicker than gel, it has a smooth finish which usually gives you a matt appearance at the end of the application. People with frizzy and unmanageable hair can tame their hair using wax. The right Florida academy barbering program will help you understand different hair types.


While gel may seem a little intimidating, it can help you get the DIY look hair gel when used in moderation. It is surely going to give you the strongest hold and can set your hair rock solid. A gel is a lot stronger than pomade or wax, but unfortunately, it doesn’t look that natural. You also need to pick the right hair gel because there are various types of hair gel.

Once you apply the gel and set your hair, you cannot restyle your hair later on. You have to wash your hair to restyle it. Unlike what people usually believe, if you want to stick to gel use one that has a lower hold. Also remember, if you have dandruff avoid alcohol-based gel.

We hope we’ve cleared your doubts with regards to using the right hair grooming products. Pick the right grooming product (Gel vs Pomade vs Wax) based on the occasion and the way you like to style your hair. This is something the best Florida academy will teach you.


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