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6 Makeup Tips for a Hot Summer in Florida


Summertime in Florida can melt your face off, literally. Whether you’re basking on the sprawling beaches or hanging out in the city with your friends, the humidity can take your makeup right off. But the problem can be avoided, right? Oftentimes, you’ll hear the typical careless advice “just don’t wear any” — but summertime calls for adventurous nights out and long days in the sun. You might have a blemish you want to cover up, a fun event to go to, or just be in the mood to wear makeup … so the “just don’t wear makeup” advice doesn’t really cut it. Luckily for you, there’s a straightforward science to maintaining your face on a hot Florida summer day. Follow these Summer Makeup Tips!

6 Makeup Tips for Hot Summer in Florida
  1. Primers are a must in a tropical climate. Makeup primer is a gel, liquid, or cream designed to create a base for any additional makeup needs. It serves to fill up pores and smooth out the skin. During the summertime, it is recommended that you use a liquid or gel primer as these are the textures that hold up the best in humid, tropical climates. The most important strength of a makeup primer is its ability to help the foundation last all day long, regardless of the weather. With as much sun exposure as Florida gets, it’s also extremely important to ensure that your pores get as much protection as possible.
  2. Do not use a creamy concealer. In warm climates, a runnier concealer will do exactly what you would expect: melt. It is recommended that you use a stickier concealer instead — one that stays exactly where you spread it and wards off the humidity. This way, you can avoid the melting and running during your daily summer activities!
  3. When it comes to lip gloss, or any makeup for that matter, stay away from anything too shiny during the summer. Naturally, your skin sweats in higher humidity, and therefore looks shinier. Using a less glossy lip cover will help you avoid strange color clashes that can occur as everything becomes oily.
  4. If you do want to wear full foundation, consider wearing one you know will stay on all day. MUD Makeup has a wonderful selection of lasting foundation products.
  5. When wearing eye makeup, it is essential to double up with application. Additionally, specific types of mascara and eyeliner are designed to wear in the heat. For mascara, you can choose between waterproof and tubular mascara. They both stick and are still easy to remove at the end of the day. Waterproof eyeliner is necessary to prevent the humidity from running.
  6. Just as you wear a concealer for your foundation, it is imperative to wear a base for your eyeshadow. Otherwise, the humid climate will cause your eyeshadow to crease and crack. A good base will prevent this problem.

Avoiding summertime makeup mishaps is a lot of work and can be quite complicated. Learning at the professional level can enable you not only to apply your own makeup perfectly, but to help others reach their desired results, as well! If you are interested in a career as a makeup artist, contact Florida Academy. There’s a full Makeup Designory (MUD) program that will help you obtain the skills you need to become a real makeup professional.

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